For Parents

Frequently Asked Questions
Question:  When does the school day begin and end?
Answer:     Students are to be in Advisory by 7:30 am.  Students are not to be dropped off before 7:10 am.  Teachers are on duty to monitor student movement and activity at 7:10 am.  The school day ends at 2:35 pm. 
Question:  What is the price of school lunch?
Answer:     Daily lunch prices for students in grades 6 through 12 is $2.70.
Question:  What is the procedure if there is an early dismissal for inclement weather?
Answer:     In the event school is dismissed before the end of the school day because of snow, ice, or other inclement weather, an announcement will be made.  Students who ride the bus or ride in private vehicles will remain in class until dismissed.  Students will be allowed to use the telephone to call for a ride home.
Question:  What are the procedures for distribution of medications at school?   
Answer:     All students who require medication during the school day must have a medication form signed by their physician and returned to the main office at Grandview.  Medication forms may be obtained from the secretaries in the main office area.
Question:  What is the procedure for checking my son or daughter out of school?
Answer:     Parents/guardians must have photo identification and be listed on student information cards as a guardian or an emergency contact person.
Question: Where can I find testing dates and information?
Answer: Please view the system's Accountability and Testing website at this link for the testing calendar, parent letters, and more important testing information. 
 Question:  May my son/daughter ride a bicycle or skateboard to Grandview?  May my child walk to school?
Answer:    No.  For safety reasons all students who attend Grandview must either ride a car or school bus.            
Question: What are the dress code requirements?
Answer: The Hickory Board of Education adopted a standardized dress code for students in grades 6 – 12 to minimize disruptive behavior, increase school safety, de-emphasize socio-economic differences, easily identify intruders on campus, and enhance school image. Students attending the Hickory Public Schools in grades 6 through 12 will adhere to the following standardized dress code each school day during the entire school day.

Please follow Dress Code to access all dress code regulations.