Grandview's Vision

The educational experience provided by Grandview Middle School faculty and staff will enable each student to grow intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Grandview's Mission

To emphasize the worth of the individual, the democratic traditions, and the heritage of the past as we seek to develop a positive self image within each student. We offer a strong basic skills program balanced with broad enrichment experiences which promote a greater desire for learning.

School Improvement Team
  • Administrators: Aaron Joplin, Kim Heckler
  • Media:Vanessa Lail
  • 8th Grade: Amy Van Buren
  • 7th Grade: Christina Lancaster
  • 6th Grade: Amber Cadle
  • EC: Katie Carson
  • Encore: Alison Willard
  • Encore: Julie Grice
  • Guidance: Michele Kubiniec
  • TA: Janice Wilson
  • Instructional Support: Tonya Scott
  • At-Large: Beth Schreiber, Robert Turner

Media & Technology Advisory Committee

  • Vanessa Lail, media coordinator/eLeader

  • Aaron Joplin, principal

  • Kim Heckler, assistant principal/eLeader

  • Jennifer Hughes, EC/eLeader

  • Sherry Shuford, CTE

  • Bill Buell, CTE

  • Alan Reese, CTE

  • Christina Lancaster, 7th grade/science/math

  • Allison Willard, art/eLeader

School Improvement Plan & Supporting Documents

School Improvement Plan & Meetings
Low Performing School Plan
Digital Teaching & Learning Plan